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Grand Theft automobile IV might be a 2008 open world action-adventure game written by Rockstar Games, and developed by Rockstar North. it has been discharged for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game consoles, and for the Windows OS. the game might be a talk about of the thievingmotor vehicle series, depiction a separate timeline and world from its predecessors (known as a result of the "high-definition universe and is prepared in fictional Liberty city, based heavily on contemporary Empire State city.[a] the game follows Niko Bellic, a veteran of associate unidentified war in japanese Europe, World Health Organization involves the u.  s. in search of the dream, but quickly becomes entangled terribly} very world of gangs, crime, and corruption. Like completely different games at intervals the series, GTA four consists of components from driving games and third-person shooters, and choices open world gameplay, throughout that players can move with the game world at their leisure. thieving automobile IV in addition choices several on-line multiplayer modes. 2 enlargement packs square measure developed for the game, originally discharged asdownloadable content for the Xbox 360 version throughout 2009. 

every The Lost and Damned and thus the Ballad of Gay Tony feature new plots that ar interconnected with the foremost GTA four plot, and follow new protagonists. the 2episodes square measure discharged on for all platforms as an entire game referred to as thieving Auto: Episodes from Liberty city. A bundle that contained every the primary GTA four game and {therefore the|and in addition the} Episodes was additionally discharged, titled thieving automobile IV: the complete Edition. The 2009 hand-held game thieving Auto: Chinatown Wars revisited the liberty city of GTA four. because the first game of the critically acclaimed series to look on seventh generation consoles, thieving automobile IV was wide anticipated. a significant industrial and vital success, it bust business records with sales of around 3.6 million units on its first day of unleash and grossing quite $500 million in revenue at intervals the first week, mercantilism associate countable 6 million units worldwide. As of Sept 2011, the game had shipped over twenty 2 million copies.

 thievingmotor vehicle IV won varied awards from every diversion and thought press, beside several recognitions as Game of the Year, and is at intervals the very best ranks on several masterful game critic review-aggregating websites. As of 2012 the game has oversubscribed  over twenty 5 million copies. Gameplay Quite like its predecessors, the core gameplay of GTA four consists of giving the player Associate in Nursing outsized, open world setting throughout that to maneuver around freely. On foot, the player character can walk, run, jump, climb over obstacles and swim, additionally as use weapons and perform basic shut combat. Players can steal and drive a variety of vehicles, beside vehicles, boats, helicopters, and motorcycles. thieving automobile IV takes advantage of Natural Motion's elation engine, that mixes engineering, bio-mechanics and physics to create open, non-linear environments that alter players to explore and choose but they have to play the game. tho' finishing most of the plot missions ar necessary to progress through the game and unlock certain content and components of the city, they are not required, as players can complete them at their own leisure. once not creating a trial a plot mission, players can free-roam, giving them the ability to do and do activities. side missions like locating and destroying criminals at intervals the automotive data or collaborating in street races can keep the playeroccupied for hours. it's gettable to possess many active missions running at just once, as some missions run over the course of the many days and want the player to attend for additional directions or events. The player might attempt a variety of nonmandatory side missions. thieving automobile IV in addition contains morality choices at many points throughout the game, that alter the plot fitly relying on the player's choice. 

that of the game's a pair of utterly completely different endings happens is ready by one all told these choices. Combat and police response  Gunfights in GTA four ar conducted using a third-person system. The game's cowl system permits the player to deftly move between cowl, to fire blindly, aim freely, and target a specific enemy. Individual body components is also targeted. additionally, Niko can perform "cinematic executions" at certain points at intervals the story. Niko's health is shown by a inexperienced plane figure on the left side of the mini-map, whereas a blue plane figure on the correct represents armour. once secured on a target, their health and (if applicable) armour level appears at intervals the target circle. There ar extra shut combatmoves than in past games at intervals the series, specifically punching, kicking, "alternative" punching, dodging and obstruction, disarming associate opponent, and counter-attacking. If Niko is out of action, he can recover health by uptake, drinking soda, sleeping, exploitation medical kits, exploitation his mobile to include paramedics, using a "cheat", occupation one all told his girlfriends for medical recommendation, etc. suit of armour can absorb gunshots and explosive injury but is bit by bit dried-up at intervals the strategy. If Niko's health level reaches zero, the action stops, and he re-appears at the nearest hospital having lost some money (but long his weapons).

 The required Level system has changed from previous thieving motor vehiclegames. tho' their star levels ar maintained (which increase with the amount or severity of criminal acts by the player, with corresponding can increase in social control interference), the social control agencies which may pursue the playerhave changed, with the most target on making them extra realistic. In previous thieving automobile titles, PRN level rose the player was pursued by increasingly well-armed and violent agencies, culminating with the military at the most effective required level. In thieving automobile IV, the police ar aided by NOOSE (National geographic point of Security group action — a parody of SWAT and DHS officers at a three-star required level, World Health Organization ar joined by either NOOSE's set up of action Response Unit (a parody of the NYPD ESU) or FIB (Federal Investigation Bureau — a parody of the FBI) at even higher required levels. throughout this case the military is not out there at intervals the sport. Like previous GTA games, a police aircraft pursues the player at a three-star required level, but this may get replaced by a aircraft gunship at the five-star level, though it utilises sharp-shooters rather than its mounted discoverer guns.

 once the police ar in pursuit of Niko, a circular search area appears on the map throughout that the police square measure getting to be craving for him. the realm grows with increased required level, and re-centres itself on Niko's location if he is noticed  by the police. If the player escapes from the search area whereas not being seen by social control units, and should exclude of sight of police for a quick time whereas not committing from currently on crimes, the search is presently aborted. this may be utterly completely different from the previous methods of evading authorities like dynamical clothes and grouping bribes. required levels is also lost either by dynamical the colour of this vehicle, or getting in a safehouse and about to sleep. 

Screenshots :- 

Grand Theft Auto- Free Download Full Version

Grand Theft Auto- Free Download Full Version

Grand Theft Auto- Free Download Full Version

The player has the selection of constructing a trial to escape arrest before being handcuffed, at the worth of skyrocketing the required level by one star (the ancient daring letters that note "Busted" for arrest ar absent), tho' the police will immediately shoot. However, this move is simply gettable with a one star required level, as a result of the police will focus extra on killing the player at higher required levels, rather than spectacular him, and is simply gettable once the player is on foot, as, like previous games, the player is instantly arrested once force out of a vehicle. Vehicles Common to the rest of the series, vehicles ar the predominant means of travel in GTA four. every vehicle at intervals the sport uses the in-game minimap as a GPS device. "Way-points" is also placed on the map, plotting the shortest legal route between Niko and thus the destination on the minimap. The player might hail a taxi or cab, that allows travel between destinations whereas not having to drive. The journey is also skipped, that the player arrives at their destination instantly. However, if the player decides to skip the journey, it will price them extra cash. throughout automobile chases, the player can focus the camera on the target vehicle by holding the medium camera button, and in addition free-aim and fireplace out of the vehicle exploitation one-handed firearms. The player might in addition drop grenades.[12] The player cannot pilot fixed-wing craft, that was gettable in previous games of the series, but can still pilot helicopters. the game in addition lacks parachutes, though they were later reintroduced in thieving Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony. The player might take the Subway system. this allows the player to travel quickly between stations across the city. The service is improbably low value, as a result of the worth is simply $1 per station. There ar twenty six stations in total across the map, however a twenty seventh station, referred to as Dukes Blvd is closed for maintenance.

Game Requirement :-  

                  OS :-   Windows XP, windows 7 or Vista,Windows 8
        CPU Dual core 2.4Ghz RAM 2 GB Hard disk 25 GB free disk space
   Graphics 2 GB Graphics Memory Developer DMA Direct-X Version 8.1 or 9.0
                                                 Languages  English


                       DIRECT DOWNLOAD 


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