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Tekken 4 pc game free download full version

Tekken 4 pc game

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Tekken 4 pc game free download for pc full version

Tekken 4 is the fifth installment within the Tekken series. it had been developed and revealed by Namco for the arcades in two000 and PlayStation 2 in 2002. Namco before long was obsorbed by Bandai Co., Ltd., in 2005 then in March of 2006, Namco and Bandai's game operations united into Namco Bandai Games INC. it had been free as associate arcade game worldwide in July 2001, having 1st been undraped in Europe in 2000. attributable to varied gameplay alterations, Tekken four is that the least likeable game within the series in line with several fans of the Tekken series.


Tekken four takes place 2 years later from Tekken three. Heihachi and his scientists has captured a number of Ogre's blood to form Heihachi immortal. SInce Hehachi lacks the Devil factor, the project fails. Heihachi finds his grandchild, Jin Kazama, World Health Organization posseses the Devil factor, Heihachi studies his body and is keep within the labs of the Mishima Zaibatsu's main business rival referred to as G Corporation.

Heihachi sends his Tekken forces to raid G Corporation and realize Kazuya's body, however the mission fails since the force got tired by Kazuya himself. Kazuya was revived by G Corporation once the events of Tekken two and is stronger then he was ever was.

In a desperate plan to get Jin and Kazuya out, Heihachi announces The King of control Tournament four.


Tekken four introduces a major new gameplay changes from the previous Tekken games. For the primary time, players area unit able to maneuver around associate arena and move with walls and different things for further harm. This new feature permits players to juggle with their opponent for consecutive combos. Position changes and moving before the fight starts were conjointly introduced in Tekken four, however later removed in future iterations. the sport conjointly introduces a fresh graphics system, that had increased  lightning, sander surfaces, and dynamic physics. Tekken four brings back "Tekken Force" a beat 'em up minigame with increased new options. it had been 1st introduced in Tekken three. Players were conjointly allowed to maneuver their opponents around throughout a match however pressing the left punch and right punch simultaniously together with a various directional button, this was taken get in tekken five and given to Steve Fox as a special throw.

tekken 4 game

tekken 4 game screenshots ((www.freedownloadfullversiongame.com))

tekken 4 pc game (www.freedownloadfullversiongame.com)

tekken 4 pc game free download full version (www.freedownloadfullversiongame.com)

Tekken 4 system requirements
 Windows XP, windows 7 or Vista,Windows 8
Dual core 2Ghz
1 GB
Hard disk
10 GB free disk space
512 MB Graphics Memory
Version 8.1 or 9.0
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