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Metal Slug 4 PC Game Free Download Full Version

Metal Slug 4 Free Download Full Version For PC Game

Metal Slug 4 (メタルスラッグ4?) could be a run and gun game for the Neo-Geo console/arcade platform created by SNK. it absolutely was released in 2002 for the MVS arcade platform and is that the fourth game in the Metal Slug series. a pair of years later, Playmore revealed Metal Slug four. This was also the sole Metal Slug game that was made throughout SNK's bankruptcy, till its sequel was released once SNK was "resurrected" as SNK Playmore.

Metal Slug 4 retains identical gameplay as previous titles, with the addition of some new enemies, bosses, weapons, many new vehicles and a replacement bonus combo system.Metal Slug four it absolutely was later ported to Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation a pair of as a separate game in Japan and Europe, and along with Metal Slug five as a compilation in North America.

Metal Slug 4  A bonus scoring system was supplemental that allows the player to be rewarded betting on what number enemies square measure killed in the time assigned. The time assigned is decided from the sort of emblem that is picked up. A time meter can appear on the top of the screen, and if the player lives through the tip of the amount, they'll be awarded bonus points for badges that represent feats accomplished. Eri and Tarma were replaced with Nadia and Trevor.

Metal Slug 4  One year once the events of Metal Slug three, the globe is trembling beneath the new threat of a mysterious but deadly cyber virus that threatens to attack and destroy any nation's military computing system. With Tarma and Eri unable to help attributable to their own assignments in the matter, Marco and Fio square measure known as in to research true and square measure joined by 2 newcomers, Nadia and Trevor. In their investigation, the cluster discovers that a FTO referred to as Amadeus is behind the nefarious plot and that they head into battle against Amadeus' forces, hoping to destroy the cyber virus before it gets the possibility to wipe out the complete world's military computing system.

Metal Slug 4  Halfway through the game's story mode, the player is confronted by one UN agency they presume to be Morden, but in the ending they find an underground facility wherever killer - like doubles of Morden square measure being manufactured. Allen O' Neil (who has appeared numerous times throughout the series) fights the player in this stage for the very last time, and is additionally disclosed to be a machine just like the Morden doubles before he is destroyed and therefore the player confronts the leader of Amadeus.

Metal Slug 4 PC Game Free Download

Metal Slug 4 Free Download For PC Game

Metal Slug 4 Free Download full version

System Requirement:-

File Name
Metal Slug 4
30 MB
Hardisk Space
60 GB
2 GB
Windows XP/Vista/7
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Metal Slug 4 Free Download full version

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